This is the last page in my sketchbook.

This is the last page in my sketchbook.


Hey everyone. Sorry for the silence, but I recently started working almost full time which has kept me pretty busy. I do however have a bunch of sketches that I’ve had backed up. 

First is my Firebender OC who finally has a name! I’ve named her Kazane, which is Japanese for wind. She’s doing some sweet firebending kicks. The pose was ref’d from here:

This guy was just a quick gesture drawing which was ref’d from here:

I was attempting to do a bird’s eye view/ flying upwards without a ref, which was difficult, and its not perfect so I’d like to try it again sometime. 

Kazane has a TON of hair, mostly because I had waist length hair for about 6 years and I miss being able to pull it up and style it, so I’m attempting to relive that feeling in this drawing. 

The next one is ponies, because I love drawing them. Addison makes a pretty great pony, cute little blacksmith unicorn. 

I have yet a third TLoK OC, Kaya the waterbender, just so I can have a full Pro-Bending team. Just muscley, short and full of spunk. I really like her design a lot so she will probably be showing up more. I ref’d the kissy face pose from here:

I felt it I should draw my three TLoK characters together and due a little height chart, which was a great exercise. I’ve been trying to make my characters body types and faces more diverse since I feel all my girls kinda look the same. 

I have used an Alice in Wonderland type world to describe my life from time to time. It was interesting trying to redesign my Alice-self with the short hair, and a Sasha cheshire cat. 

Sometimes you just have to abuse your OC’s, and that’s what I’ve done to poor T’Reiya. It actually would be part of her story, the ship she is serving on is attacked and she is injured pretty badly. It was also a good practice in foreshortening, which is what the original intent was and it just kinda turned into OC abuse. I slapped some really quick color on it for fun, since T’Reiya doesn’t get colored very often. I ref’d the pose from here:

The last one is just a quick doodle of Kaya making little hearts with waterbending.

PHEW! That’s all of them! It was a big post I had for you guys tonight. 


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