So its been a while since I posted on here! I was in NYC last weekend with my family, which was totally amazing! When I came back my desktop power supply decided to die so I’ve been using my laptop again until I can get another power supply. I have been sketching however, hence why I am here tonight! 

First is a little piece I’m working on for my aunt, who just discovered she has breast cancer and sadly had to have one of her breasts completely removed. I know she really loves cats and can’t have one in her current living situation so I’m hoping some cute little kittens might cheer her up a little bit. 

So I’ve been a little obsessed with this magical little show called Avatar the Last Airbender since it came out when I was in highschool (man I feel old!) They finally made a new series based off the same universe called the Legend of Korra. I’ve been milling around with the idea of an OC for that universe but could never come up with a deign I really liked. I think I’ve got one that going to stick so I’ve been drawing her like mad. She’s a firebender but prefers to use lightning. I referenced this stock image: with some slight adjustments. 

Next is another sketch of the my Avatar OC referenced from this stock image:

Yup, her again. Just a squishy chibi because they’re awesome. 

My Avatar OC and another one that I’m working on based on my love Addison. Referenced from this screen shot from the show:

Her again, being awesome, bending lightning. 

The next sketch is a better view of the Earthbender character I’m working on.

Ah yes, my Trek OC T’Reiya. This is just a front and back view of her. I’m actually rather proud of this sketch.  

I found this meme that challenged you to put one of your characters into different outfits, so it seemed only fitting to use T’Reiya for it. This was for Halloween. She’s so unimpressed with the whole get up. 

I think that’s all of them. Now that its 2am I’m going to bed!